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"During this time of great imbalance on our planet, We may feel ourselves torn between the priorities of healing ourselves— resolving our own inner spiritual or psychological problems – and attempting to cure the social and economic ills that beset our culture. While each of us undoubtedly has much inner work to do, this either-or view assumes the individual is somehow separate from the rest of the world. But if we accept that we are totally part of this living Earth, then we must recognize that isolated health is an illusion. Healing ourselves and working to resolve the contradictions in the human-Earth ecology is the same work."

-Adapted from Earth Prayers From Around the World (Harper Collins)

Ecopsychology, or eco-psychology as it is sometimes called, is situated at the intersection of a number of fields of enquiry, including environmental philosophy, psychology, and ecology, but is not limited by any disciplinary boundaries. At its core, ecopsychology suggests that there is a synergistic relation between planetary and personal well being; that the needs of the one are relevant to the other.

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