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Earth Walks


What is a Contemplative Earth Walk? Similar to the ancient Celtic tradition of cross-country reflective walks, and also called “medicine walks”, they foster our connection with Self, with Nature, and beyond. A huge body of research exists that shows the healing effects of being in the natural world, going beyond our own immediate worlds and ourselves.

Earth walks are inspirational, fun, peace-invoking, and they bring wisdom into our lives.

The intent is not for exercise, but a chance to be in the natural world. Participants are invited to walk as fast or slow as they choose, to sit, or both, and are encouraged to follow their own path. Earth walks are also not generally a social experience between participants, but between participant and Earth.

We’ll start with a short centering activity to bring forth a personal question for the walk. The actual walk will last approximately one hour. This will be followed by a short deepening process (bring a journal or notebook), voluntary sharing, and a closing activity.

To Bring:

A watch. Journal. Come prepared for weather! Layers are best. Hiking shoes.

Upcoming Earth Walks

Watch for contemplative walks offered this summer, 2010! Dates, location, and times will be listed here.