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Lisa Franseen, PhD

Licensed Clinical Psychologist in the State of Michigan

To inquire or make an appointment, please call and leave a message at 231-409-0136. This will ensure that I don’t miss an email message. Please keep in mind that I do not have texting capabilities. The “Schedule/Dates” button will inform you of my current availabilities.


  • Doctoral degree: 1996, University of Montana
  • Doctoral Internship: Denver Health and Hospitals, 1993 – 1994, APA-Approved program
  • Licensed: Colorado and Wyoming, 1997. Michigan, 2004 - present.

General Information

I have provided counseling since 1992 and have now been in private practice since 1996, both in Colorado and northern Michigan, working with adolescents, adults, and couples. As most psychotherapists, I treat a wide range of emotional challenges including depression, stress and anxiety, loss and life transitions, trauma-related issues, compulsive behaviors, relationship struggles, and issues around sexuality. My practice is GLBT-friendly. One of my specialties is helping to empower women in their lives, as well as helping those with eating-related issues and what I call “self-body-worth.”

The breadth of my practice comes through several experiences:

  • A doctoral internship at Denver General Hospital
  • Community mental health centers
  • Managed care behavioral health programs
  • Psychiatric emergency care
  • Inpatient and intensive outpatient facilities
  • A training fellowship in sport psychology at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs

2012 Offerings, Costs of Service, Insurance

Although I’ve taken a leave of absence from my formal clinical practice, I continue to offer counseling and life coaching over phone or Skype to adults. Clients I had worked with, face-to-face, have been “pleasantly surprised” at how effective phoning or Skyping has been!

With this change, my current costs of service reflect my recent reduction of overhead costs. $100 per 55-minute session, payable by check or through your PayPal account. Sorry, but no credit cards or insurance accepted.

The first phone call, up to 20 minutes, is offered free of charge. The main purpose of this call will be to assess whether working together will be of benefit to you and to answer your questions.

My beliefs about psychotherapy

Regardless of what issue is brought in, psychotherapy is an opportunity to open the door to a new way of being in the world. What you often see as a problem is simply an invitation to take a closer look, learn something new, perhaps heal from the past or to let go of what’s no longer working, and to make more beneficial choices. We can come a long way in this exploration on our own and with the help of friends. At times, however, you might need the support and guidance from therapy to move beyond emotional pain or harmful behaviors. Therapy can bring you to fully accept your own humanness (both your brilliance and flaws!) and, from this, to live more in line with who you really are. Through this process comes the potential for true joy, liberation, and inner peace.

My style as a therapist

I draw from many different methodologies while knowing that our relationship - one of safety, honesty, and compassion – brings about the most change. I have been strongly influenced by cognitive-behavioral theory, Gestalt (present-moment awareness),feminist and systems theories, and ecological psychologies. I encourage my clients to take as much responsibility for their own lives and happiness as they’re able to because this is ultimately what brings about confidence and resilience. I also understand that “talk therapy” alone does not bring us back to wholeness, thus I encourage the use of other healing opportunities such as massage, education, nutrition & physical activity, other energy modalities, time in nature, time alone, volunteer opportunities, or medications, when necessary.

Performance Consulting

Through a training fellowship at the U.S. Olympic Training Center as a sport psychologist, I also help performers (athletes, musicians, public speakers, and the like) who want to improve or feel they are not reaching their true potential. What is sport psychology? In my perspective, it’s all about becoming aware of the psychological barriers that keep us from reaching our potential (like nervousness, performing for the wrong reasons, getting distracted, or recovering from a mistake). Once there is awareness, we can practice skills (called “mental skills”) to overcome such obstacles. This leads to a sense of empowerment and heightened confidence, and thus to better outcomes. These “skills” are also directly applicable to life outside of sports-- We are all performers and more often in competition with ourselves than with others!

Collaborative Divorce Coaching

Beginning in 2009, I helped to form the Up North Collaborative Divorce Professionals in Traverse City, Michigan. It’s a team of independent attorneys, mental health specialists, and financial experts who are trained to offer couples a more humane way of divorcing one another. Practiced in the U.S. for more than twenty years, collaborative divorce has kept cases in the hands of the couple and out of court, better protected the children, saved costs, and left the divorced couple with dignity and better able to move forward in their lives. Collaborative divorce does not mean the divorce is painless, smooth, or quick, but does give a couple the control to move forward feeling more empowered and less traumatized by the divorce process. I encourage you to learn more by checking out their website at www.upnorthcollaborativedivorce.org. I served as divorce coach and mental health specialist for the team, up until 2012.